David L. McKinney’s
High School, Colleges, Universities and other relevant classes.

Burien Community Computer Center
653 SW 152nd Street, 
Burien, WA 98166 
Phone (206) 248-6774 
Tech mgr: David Branson 
Microsoft: Photo Editor, Windows  98 & 95 , Word 97, Publisher 98. Homepage or Web development, some html and file transfer protocol, Netscape Navigator 4.7 and Page Composer. Adobe PhotoShop Deluxe 5.0, File Manager. 
Career Development Center
919 SW Grady Way, #125 
Renton, WA 98055-2942 
Phone: (425) 271-0488, 
Tracy Larson 
Fax: (425) 271-0885 
Classes in: understanding computers,  internet/www, Microsoft: Windows 3.1, Internet Explorer 5.0, Word 6.0, some Excel.
Western Washington University
Bellingham, WA 98225, 
1975 to Dec. 1978. 
Phone (360) 676-3000 
or Fax (360) 676-3037 
B.A. in Public/Business Administration, 
minor in psychology.
Eastern Washington University
Cheney, WA 99004, 1974 to 1975. 
Phone: (509) 359-6200 
or Fax: (509) 359-6927
Spokane Falls Community College
W. 3410 Fort George Wright Drive 
Spokane, WA 99204, 1973 to 1974. 
Phone: (509) 459-3500 
or Fax: (509) 459-3237 
Associate in Arts Degree, 
in Liberal Arts
Big Bend Community College
28th and Chanute 
Moses Lake, WA 98837, 
1972 to 1973 
Phone: (509) 762-5351 
or Fax: (509) 762-6329
Moses Lake High School
803 East Sharon Ave 
Moses Lake, WA 98837, 
1968 to 1972. 
Phone (509) 766-2666 
High School Diploma
 Internet savvy: composed and designed five web sites/homepages, a large internet family photo album, 
My own tiny internet store, auctions, business/personal cards, signs, flyers, designed my own internet home office and online storage of data.

Professional Career Homepage URL:  http://davidlynn.tripod.com
Personal Homepage URL: http://members.nbci.com/cricket777/

Other Relevant Information:

Other relevant classes in blueprint reading, production planning, industrial engineering. With every company, I learned a different PC system or interacted with a specific program on a mainframe computer. In personal interests, I am well read in financial planning, art, crafts, history, plants, herbs, and alternative medicine. Classes or training, in order to meet a job requirement is available to me from the Career Development Center or they will pay for the class/es.

updated: 11-21-00